Frequent Belching Can Mean Unhealthy

Burping after eating is common. Another case if you are constantly belching because it could be this is a symptom of a disease or side effects of certain drugs. Belching is one of the ways the body releases natural gas. This condition is generally a good thing, because if not removed, the gas in the stomach can cause flatulence which is sometimes accompanied by abdominal pain. Burping is also common in babies. This can generally be interpreted as a good condition for the baby because that way excess air in the stomach can be wasted. Babies burp because when they suckle, the air is also swallowed, especially if using milk bottles. How can burp occur? What caused it? Swallowing air, intentionally or unintentionally, is called aerophagia. Air entering the digestive tract contains nitrogen and oxygen gas. This gas will be pushed upward by the stomach into the esophagus and out of the mouth in the form of belching. Gas in the digestive tract is generally formed from the process of dig
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